Cookery courses

Groups participating on our cookery courses work together to create a mouth-watering four-course meal. Exhausting? Far from it. Fun and exciting are a more apt choice of words. Everything happens under the watchful eye of merited chef Bjørn Ivar Hettervik.

He has the ability to instruct and inspire ordinary people to produce delicious four-course meals. He also likes to entertain and show a variety of tricks while working. Cookery lessons are a passion for Bjørn Ivar Hettervik!

A course pamphlet will be distributed showing the evening’s menu. The recipes and instructions give an outline of what is to come. After a quick run through of the menu and a few basic techniques, you are ready to put your mind and hands to work in the kitchen.

Bjørn Ivar Hettervik is happy to pass on tips and advice underway as he steers the galley with a steady hand. You can rest assured that, despite the inevitable small mistakes, the result will be a roaring success.
Presentation, service and consumption of ones own food makes for an unforgettable evening.

About Bjørn Ivar Hettervik:

Bjørn Ivar Hettervik has his roots in Borgøy. He grew up in Stavanger where he worked as an apprentice at the Hotell Atlantic. He completed his studies at The Gastronomic Institute in Stavanger where he received his chef's diploma.

For several years he managed his own businesses in Oslo, among them Kulinaria and which specialized in assignments combining showmanship and cooking, grand-scale events and cookery courses.

Today he lives at Rena and is part of the staff at the country estate Søndre Løsset where he intends to further develop the food profile of the estate.
He also works as a cookery course instructor at Quality Spa & Resort Son and Quality Spa & Resort Holmsbu.