Borg°y Fjord Conferences

Borgøy is a small yet charming island (4,5 km2) that can provide the perfect backdrop for seminars and courses. Being surrounded by the sea brings harmony, peace and quiet to your event and allows you to focus your attentions on the job at hand.
You can immerse yourself in a very special world for a day or two, an afternoon, or perhaps just a couple of hours. Take the opportunity to make the most of all the delights Borgøy has to offer.

Regardless of when you decide to visit Borgøy, you will experience a magical meeting with an exciting place. The adventure starts as you set foot onboard the boat, which, in the space of just a few short minutes, will whisk you over to Hattarvågen on the island of Borgøy.
The sea is the starting point for many of the activities that Borgøy Fjord Konferanse can offer on these visits. The same can also be said for the fishing boat "Borgøyfjord". This was once part of one of seven fish processing plants belonging to Borgøy. The activities on the quayside at Hattarvågen began as a result of the closure of "Borgøyfjord".
The new and modern accommodation buildings provide a stark contrast to the conferance centre, which is seeped in nostaglia and charm from a historical fishing age. Borgøy is a maritime village that has still managed to maintain a little of the traditional fishing life.
A life you will experience close up when you pay us a visit.